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Explosion Isolation - Home page
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Explosion Isolation


The innovated explosion isolation flap B-FLAP I is certified according to EN 16447 and EN 15089. B-FLAP I was tested by an accredited laboratory with emphasis on real-world conditions in the various production processes.

With the innovation, we bring extended installation options for the explosion isolation flap valve. According to current standards and certifications, the explosion isolation flap can be installed in horizontal and vertical pipeline. It can be used in aspiration systems with pullor push flow. B-FLAP I can also be installed on pipelines containing obstacles or elbows between the protected equipment and the place of installation of the explosion isolation flap. A novelty is also higher pressure resistance (pmax) of the isolation flap valve and increased maximum reduced pressure (pred,max) of the protected vessel, from which a potential explosion spreads. According to the latest tests and certifications, the minimum installation distance has been shortened, and the maximum installation distance from the protected equipment has been extended.

The B-Flap I explosion isolation flap can stop the propagation of an explosion caused by processed organic, melting, coarse, and metal dusts up to explosion class St 3 and dusts with very low values of minimum initiation energy (MIE) and temperature (MIT). This new design of the B-FLAP I explosion isolation flap makes it easier to handle during the installation and operational maintenance.



The GatEx quick-acting slide valve is part of a system used to prevent the propagation of an explosion between the individual units of the production technology. The GatEx is activated when an explosion is detected. Specially developed pressure and optical detectors constantly monitor the protected zones of the production technology. The DetEx pressure detector and the LumEx 1 or LumEx 4 optical detectors can be used for detection. Activation of the GatEx is also possible via the VMP explosion venting device. The detector sends a signal to the control unit, which activates the closing mechanism. The quick-acting slide valve is closed pneumatically. When an explosion occurs, the pipe will be completely closed in milliseconds. GatEx can be used in facilities using pneumatic conveying, extraction and in places with a short installation distance. It is suitable for technologies designed for maximum explosion pressure (pmax). The design includes fail-safe feature, which puts the slide in a safe state (closed) in case of a power cut or a pressure drop in the protected technology. The device is certified according to EN 15089.